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I've given a lot of thought as to whether to include a list of my "likes" in this site - I know it's not considered classy and I'm sure it puts quite a few men off, but in the end I felt you deserve to know if you're likely to get everything you want out of our time together, so I'm going to attempt to reassure you without being too crude!
I love kissing and, perhaps due to an oral fixation, my favourite pastime is sucking, with plenty of deep-throat, and yes, I do swallow!
I love having sex in lots of different positions, doggy being my favourite (and lets just say I've passed my A-levels). I have a good collection of toys should you like to play with them.
I also enjoy exploring fantasies, such as roleplay, tie and tease, gentle(ish) spanking and mild domination games. I naturally lean more to being submissive, but as I'm only talking of gentle experimentation I'm happy to take whichever role you'd prefer. bum in suspenders and fishnetsarm cuffed to headboard.
I love dressing up and have the following sexy outfits to choose between:
French Maid (-to-order)
Naughty Nurse
Sexy Secretary (who'll do anything to keep her job)
Correction Officer
Beauty therapist (for a sexy massage)
Naughty Schoolgirl
Hopefully that gives you some idea if you'd like for us to meet.
I hope to hear from you soon,
love Betsey xxx